Keda J. Bear. July 30th, 2015

I am here to rant and ramble of course as well as post essays that I consider “smart” at least at the time. I am an undergraduate sociology major at a university, sometimes I’m a “good” student and sometimes I’m a “disappointing” student, this really depends on if you’re using an ableist framework or not (but I’ve gone on a tangent). I identify as queer, what this means for me changes with time and particularly who I’m talking to but I’ll likely go into depth later what this means for me. I am a white mixed native person, I am not looking for the white “racial identity police” when I state this (as no native person actually is, sorry white people), I’m stating this so yall know I often times will talk about colonialism and “decolonization” along with other things and it’s a basic thing to understand. I am a person who experiences disability both “physical” and “mental/cognitive/neuro/blah”. I’ve primarily started this blog as a form of self care and practicing writing my narrative, I’ll often make mistakes which is ok. I also made this blog because there is a possibility that something I write might be beneficial to someone. I use They/Them pronouns

Peace & Crackers,

Keda Bear